Mar. 28, 2016

Roadmapping - For the Project and the Product

Thanks for the info being shared below. It summarizes the differences and purpose of each nicely!

The biggest difference between product roadmaps and project roadmaps is the overall purpose of each roadmap and how these purposes relate to organizational goals.

A product roadmap is used to communicate theproduct’s strategic path to achieve business goals. Product roadmaps can be used by Product teams at diverse organizations. Software companies and toy companies both produce products. So, Product teams within both companies can use product roadmaps to plan their work. The core similarity between product roadmaps is that they are typically used for products and services that are sold to customers.

On the other hand, a project roadmap is more tactical in nature and used chiefly to communicate the tasks needed to complete the project. “Project” in this case can refer to anything. Project roadmaps can be used to implement a new recruiting service or deploy an email server. The core similarity between project roadmaps is that they are often used to plan internal efforts.

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